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Friday, May 09, 2008

Looking for Mother's Day MySpace Comments & Graphics?

Mother's Day weekend is here, so if you haven't already left Mother's Day comments on your friends' MySpace pages then you're in luck! I've compiled a whole list of the best MySpace sites for MySpace Mother's Day comments.

Where To Find Mother's Day MySpace Comments

And a big Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Kellie Pickler - CMA performance, myspace layouts and more!

I was watching the CMA's and was pretty moved by Kellie Pickler's performance of I Wonder. The now infamous video is on Youtube -- you can check it out here.

Here are some other Kellie Pickler links you might enjoy!

Kellie Pickler's Official MySpace profile

Kellie Pickler Official MySpace profile
Kellie Pickler's MySpace features the following songs:

Things That Never Cross
Didn't You Know How much
I Wonder
Red High Heels
plus concert info!

Kellie Pickler MySpace Glitters

Kellie Pickler MySpace Glitters on BlinkYou

Kellie Pickler MySpace Videos

Kellie Pickler Music Videos on Videocure

Kellie Pickler Music Videos on Noolmusic

Kellie Pickler MySpace Layouts

Kellie Pickler MySpace Layout on (Red High Heels!)

Kellie Pickler MySpace Layout on

Add Kellie Pickler I Wonder Html Music Video Codes to your blog, website or MySpace.

Kellie Pickler "I Wonder" Music Video Codes

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Vanessa Hudgens MySpace Layouts, avatars, music videos and more!

Vanessa Hudgens skyrocketed to fame after appearing in High School Musical as the shy songbird, Gabriella Montez. She met her now-boyfriend, the infamous Zac Efron on the set of the Disney Channel original movie and the two have been inseparable since.

Vanessa has a resume that most actors or artists would envy. It includes numerous awards, number one albums, starring roles in hit movies and her own successful solo career… not mention legions of loyal fans.

Her fans’ loyalty was tested not too long ago when naked photos of Vanessa popped up all over the internet. Despite the scandal and embarrassment, Vanessa’s star still shines bright and her career is hotter than ever.

Some basic info about Vanessa Hudgnes:

Birthday: December 14, 1988
Height: 5’3”
Ethnicities: Filipino, Chinese, Irish and American Indian

So check out these hot links to all things Vanessa Hudgens. You’ll find MySpace layouts, avatars, music videos, song lyrics and much, much more.

Vanessa Hudgens MySpace Layouts

Vanessa Hudgens MySpace Layout on CoolChaser

Vanessa Hudgens MySpace Layout on TweakYourPage

Vanessa Hudgens MySpace Layout on Sweet-Layouts

Vanessa Hudgens MySpace Layout on Skem9

Vanessa Hudgens MySpace Layout on LayoutVenue

Vanessa Hudgens Music Videos on MySpace

Vanessa Hudgens - Say Ok feat. Zac Efron

High School Musical 2 - I Gotta Go My Own Way

Hannah Montana and High School Musical

High School Musical 2 - Everyday

High School Musical 2 - You Are The Music In Me

High School Musical - When There Was Me and You

Vanessa Hudgens Official MySpace

Vanessa Hudgens MySpace profile includes the following songs which you can add to your MySpace profile:
Say OK Remix
Say OK
Come Back To Me
Let's Go

Vanessa Hudgens Music Lyrics

Add Vanessa Hudgens Say OK Music Lyrics To Your Profile

Come Back To Me Song Lyrics

Vanessa Hudgens Photos

Vanessa Hudgens Photos on CelebWeLove

Vanessa Hudgens Photos on Vanessa-Ann-Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Photos on Hubpages

Vanessa Hudgens Photos on Iclebz

Vanessa Hudgens Avatars

Vanessa Hudgens Avatars on Iconator

Vanessa Hudgens Avatars on Vannessa-Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens Avatars on Vanessa.Triple-Star

Vanessa Hudgens Avatars on CreateBlog

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Will Ferrell Threated With Eviction By A Toddler

Everyone is talking about Will Ferrell's new web video, 'The Landlord'. In this 2 minute short video, Will Ferrell is leisurely kicking back at his apartment with his roommate when a knock at the door brings their good time to a screeching halt. Will Ferrell answers the door only to find his landlord, the adorable Pearl, demanding the rent money.

In a hilarious exchange that follows between the grown man and the hilarious toddler, Pearl reduces Will Ferrell to tears by not backing down from her demands and repeatedly calling him names that most kids would not ever call an adult. When Will Ferrell asks Pearl why she needs the rent money now, she answers, "I need to get my drink on."

The video ends with Will Ferrell sending Pearl on her way, beer in hand. Pearl steps out of character when she turns back and says, "Come, Mommy" to someone standing on the side of Will Ferrell's apartment, who we can only assume is her real mother.

Visit Funny or Die for the code to get this on your MySpace!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

MySpace Movie and a Profile: Smokin' Aces

Ever seen a movie that gets better the more you see it? You could see a movie in theaters and be on the fence about how you felt, but if you see it again you start to like something more, until eventually it becomes your favorite film. Well that is exactly how I felt when I saw the Joe Carnahan directed film, “Smokin’ Aces.” I originally had only a couple reasons to like this film, but after seeing it a couple more times it has become my favorite film so far. This is why the MySpace Movie and a Profile is proud to review: “Smokin’ Aces!”

The story of “Smokin’ Aces” revolves around sleazy Las Vegas magician Buddy “Aces” Israel played by Jeremy Piven. When Israel decides to testify against the last great Mafioso Primo Sparazza, a slew of hitmen come out to collect a million dollar bounty, these various characters range from a simple bail bondsman and his friends played by Ben Affleck and Martin Henderson, to a contract killer played by Alicia Keyes. All the while two FBI agents played by Ryan Reynolds and Ray Liotta race to get to their key witness before he’s taken out.

Now as mentioned above, I originally didn’t like “Smokin’ Aces.” In fact, my mother stands by her assertions that this movie “was horrible.” Now this film has gotten some sub par reviews, mostly for the same reasons I will state later on. Now on the pros side of the argument, “Smokin’ Aces” is an incredibly unique film. The film style and overall story is just something I hadn’t seen in a movie before. The movie itself is a fast film, at an hour an forty-eight minutes it seems to fly by.

The acting and characters is another thing that makes this movie watchable and enjoyable as well. Jeremy Piven walks away with the greatest performance in the film. I love him as Ari Gold on “Entourage” and he just nails the role of Israel. One minute he’s having a tirade that makes you bust out laughing and the next he’s giving a dramatic speech that will take your breath away. Ryan Reynolds also does amazing work in his first of many future dramatic roles. He has some amazing scenes with Ray Liotta that just makes you wish for the best.

Another surprising turn comes from the two singers making their big screen debuts in this film. Alicia Keyes starts out a string of movie roles with this film and nails it as Georgia Sykes, a contract killer who has to masquerade as a prostitute. While most female singers turned actors tend to overact, Keyes is a natural. Another natural performance comes from rapper Common as Israel’s bodyguard Ivy. Common and Piven have amazing chemistry in this film that you see as their relationship starts to decorate. Look for more film roles from these two as they gave amazing performances.

Sadly, “Smokin’ Aces” does suffer from way too many underdeveloped characters and a twist that will leave you cursing the theater. Sadly, Carnahan tries to include way too many characters in this film and ends up focusing on only four of them. Ben Affleck is barely used in this film, being only in the first half. Various characters could have had very interesting stories, including Israel, but were left by the wayside towards the end. The twist will also make you angry, I know I was and its one of the reasons I hated this film upon first viewing. The twist is unique, but could never pan out making even the stupidest person angry as they could see the holes in the twist.

Now I do stick by my fact that “Smokin’ Aces” is a movie you have to watch again to enjoy. One first viewing, you just follow the action and get disappointed with the story. The second viewing, you notice more of the story and can enjoy it for what it is, a gangster film with a lot of shooting. I would give “Smokin’ Aces” 8 out of 10, give it another shot and you might be pleasantly surprised.

Now in terms of MySpace coverage, “Smokin’ Aces” delivers in spades. There’s an official “Smokin’ Aces” soundtrack page which tells the release date of the soundtrack (Feb. 6th) and has a lot of good tracks from the movie for you to listen to. This film has an amazing soundtrack from Clint Mansell who scored “Requiem for a Dream” so stop by and give the tracks a listen. There is also a “Smokin’ Aces” page run by rapper Common that has a blog and some interesting tidbits. By far the funniest page to visit is Buddy “Aces” Israel’s MySpace. There are a lot of pictures and information on his character that just made me laugh, especially if you’ve seen his character in the film.

Overall, the MySpace pages give you a little something extra if you need a “Smokin’ Aces” fix and I’ll admit it, I’ve become a junkie for this film. It’s one of those movies that have a little something special that needs a repeat viewing to grasp it all. So, if you have a free day during the week or upcoming weekend, take in a viewing of “Smokin’ Aces.” If you’ve seen it once, be sure to see it again to enjoy it further.

Now, I know I said “Little Miss Sunshine” would be reviewed next, but this had to be mentioned before nobody saw it. So look for that next review soon. Hope you enjoyed this edition of “MySpace Movie and a Profile.” Now go out and watch a movie, but hopefully not something I wouldn’t recommend.


Buddy “Aces” Israel’s page

Common’s page

Soundtrack page

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

How To Delete Spam Comments On MySpace

Ugh, I logged into my MySpace account and saw this stupid comment on my profile:

Hey, I can track who visits my profile!
Now you can see everyone who looks at your MySpace page!

Click here to start tracking your profile visitors!

The worst part was that I COULDN'T DELETE IT! The "Delete Comment" button was oversized and when I tried to click on it, it just brought me back to the same page. The stupid comment would not go away!!

My first thought was, "Oh great, someone's going to hack into my profile." so I changed my password and logged back out again. Then I started searching on Google for some way to delete the stupid spam comment.

I finally found the help that I needed - so I'm passing it on to you. Here's what you do:

1) Go to your profile and click on the "View All" link at the top of your comment section.

2) Go the comment directly below the one you want to delete and place your cursor on the "Delete Comment" link.

3) Right-click on "Delete Comment" and select "Copy Link Location" - left-click.

4) Now go to your address bar (where you type in web addresses) and right-click then select "Paste". It should look something like this:


5) Don't hit enter just yet, because there's one more thing you have to do -- look in the address bar for "ctl---" (in bold above). You want to change the number so that it reads one number lower than the number there. By changing the number you will delete the comment above (which should be the spam comment). So if the number reads ctl55, change it to read ctl54. Pretty easy, right?

6) Now hit Enter. If you've done everything right, the spam comment should now be gone.

7) Do a little celebratory dance here -- or point your finger at the now deleted spam comment and say, "IN YOUR FACE SUCKA"

If you're wondering how this whole thing works... well I don't really know. All I can tell you is that you're re-creating the delete comment button that the spammer has altered and hidden from you. But if you want a more technical answer, you'll have to ask Jeremy, our resident MySpace tech expert. ;)

Hope this helps!!!